Return Policy

Due to the intimate nature of our products, all purchases are final.

Thank you for your trust and support! Join us in making this beautiful new option available to conscious consumers across the country. Sustainable home products are changing the way we live.

Don’t hesitate to adopt this fun and expressive linen in your home. Not only are they bright, elegant and tasteful, but you also save up to $400 on toilet paper over their lifetime! 

We—and all our other customers—assure you, you soon won’t remember your life without Pee Cloths for Women and Bidet Cloths for Everyone. In fact, next you’ll buy a set of the smaller Pee Cloths for Women, the 4”x4” size. And since our products are made ethically and of upcycled/salvaged fabrics, they’re guilt-free! You can buy different patterns and colors to match your seasonal decor, and for every bathroom in your house, because you’re helping the environment when you do. 

Some customers ended up using these dreamy cloths in other ways, too. Tell us the ideas you come up with. 

Finally! Luxurious world solutions.