Starter Set / Gift Set Pee Cloths

Introduce your friends to Pee Cloths for Women, a modern, vibrant bathroom linen. Maybe your friends love beauty, home decor and the hottest new ideas. Or maybe they love creating a natural, healthy home. Or maybe they’re excited about the low-waste lifestyle trend.


For all these reasons and more, eco-luxurious pee cloths that also save women money on toilet paper are catching on.


This set of Pee Cloths for Women is also great as an add-on to your Daily Use Kit, if you want a few more for every week.

10 cloths. Two layers of incredibly soft, natural-fiber, upcycled fabric. Made in America. 
 NOTE:  does not include cotton-mesh laundering bag.




These color options are for color SCHEMES.

Enjoy the surprise with our 100%-upcycled Pee Cloths for Women. We never know what beautiful patterns and fabrics we’ll get next, but they’re guaranteed to be soft, all-natural fibers. #berniesmittens!

Your creativity is just one more contribution to the health of our environment. With Pee Cloths for Women, you’re fighting climate change right from your bathroom.

Photos are examples. Patterns and minor color variations will occur.

4 reviews for Starter Set / Gift Set Pee Cloths

  1. Paulette

    I use Pee Cloths for Women. I also gave my daughters Gift Sets, and they were thrilled. My 8 year-old granddaughter was also very interested. 🙂 I’m going to get some more Gift Sets.

  2. Laine

    I have found it easy to transition. Sometimes I forget and tear off some TP but then just save it. I’ve liked how soft they are.

  3. Ela

    I got the Starter Set first. When I upgraded to the Daily Use Set, I realized how helpful the mesh laundering bag is that comes with that set.

  4. Rebecca B.

    It’s great to have a few extras! I’ll have my girls give them a try too!

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Color Scheme

Turquoise, Natural/Taupe/Cream/Brown, White & Grey, Jewel Tones, Soft Blue, Rose Pink, Navy, Tomato/Mustard/Burnt orange, Sage Green, Plum, Butter, Green, Brown, Grey, Fuchsia


A Little Extra: 5 X 5, Less is More: 4 X 4

Your Style

playful, modern, traditional, earthy, bright, minimalist, elegant, complementary solids

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