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The days right after giving birth can be painful when new mothers urinate. For many, wiping with tissue in the hospital and back at home is unbearable. In contrast, imagine dabbing yourself with impossibly soft, natural-fiber cloths!


When we’re tired and in a new stage of life, this all-day gentleness is exactly what we deserve! The Postnatal Essentials Set — designed to get you through the first few days after childbirth — includes 20 cloths and the mesh bag to wash them in. See the DESCRIPTION tab, below, for how to set them up in your bathroom. Want more than 20? Sets of 40 pee cloths are available here and don’t cost much more.


The common size is 4×4”. However, we also have 5×5” cloths, for women who want the comfort and ease of more fabric. Our Postnatal Essentials pee cloths are part of our Signature Line – our softest, thickest fabrics – to support, pamper and reassure the new mother.



Keep your clean cloths in a little basket or tray near the toilet. Hang the included mesh wash bag that comes with the order over your toilet paper roll or a cabinet pull. Toss used cloths into the bag.

There’s absolutely no odor. They’re discrete and not dirty. –  After all, we don’t throw our panties away every day! Urine is mostly water. Wash with the rest of your laundry or just with rest of your intimates, whichever you prefer.

Pee Cloths for Women are two layers of extremely soft, natural fibers. Better for your health – and the planet. Usually 100% cotton.

NOTE: Because we use deadstock or upcycled fabric, our styles are always changing. You pick the anchor colorway and tell us the aesthetic of your bathroom, but won’t know the exact color combination and pattern until your order arrives. That’s the way that you’re actively protecting Mother Earth with your purchase. Textile dye is the 2nd largest polluter of water on the planet. By using leftover fabric from the fashion world, Pee Cloths for Women is one company that’s not adding more dyes to our waterways. On top of that, you’re joining us in keeping that unwanted fabric out of our landfills.  #goteam

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  1. Kristi

    Pee Cloths for Women are so soft. I think of you all day long.

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Color Scheme

Solid Navy, Solid Teal (not pictured), Surprise Me!, Fuchsia


4 X 4, 5 X 5

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