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Pee Cloths for Women’s outdoor cloths are designed for day hiking, trail running, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, backpacking and camping. — If you’re spending a day outdoors, we’ve got you covered.

These are  the first and only upcycled wilderness pee cloths you can buy. As much as possible, we all want to leave no trace, and only Pee Cloths for Women nailed it by going with 100% upcycled, natural-fiber fabric.

We’re not alone; other companies like Patagonia, Cotopaxi and prAna share our commitment to innovating in this way. See what upcycled means in the DESCRIPTION tab below.

Clip a pee cloth to the straps of your pack, your running vest, the loops on your coat, a belt loop or whatever’s easy to reach. Our rad and functional setup includes a quick-release device that makes it easier to access and use than anything else you can buy. Check it out! The high-powered magnet pops off with a tug and snaps right back into place, effortlessly.

Your set includes:
•  up to three durable, all-cotton cloths (if you want more, our wilderness cloths are also sold alone)
•  the quick-release device, and
•  two carabiners.



The sublime experiences that we all have in our wilderness adventures are what inspires Pee Cloths for Women to create products that do no harm to Mother Earth and are in synch with our natural resources:

  • the vistas that take our breath away
  • those cold, mountain-stream plunges
  • the sand and soil beneath our bare feet
  • the brush of island foliage — or forest bushes — against our skin as we trek those sacred places. #ohtheplacesyoullgo


That’s why, Pee Cloths for Women’s wilderness cloths are made of deadstock or upcycled all-natural fibers not polyester (which is made of petroleum that’s toxic to the environment from the moment it’s extracted and all the way through its lifecycle). Pee Cloths for Women is proud to be the first and only wilderness pee cloth that you can buy that uses fabric that’s already in the system and needs a purpose. By using upcycled fabric, it isn’t dumped into our landfills and doesn’t require new dye:  textile dye is the second largest polluter of water on the planet. With Pee Cloths for Women, you’re not part of that. And, as is always the case, these choices are healthier for us too!  What’s good for the world is good for us. 💛

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  1. Jennifer

    I’ve really liked my trail-running Pee Cloth for Women. I gave them as gifts to other friends in my running group, too. I mostly use mine on longer excursions, but some of my friends use them even on an hour run. Everyone liked them! Pee Cloths for Women’s outdoor adventure/training setup is easy to use. The cloths wash well and are easy to attach. It’s been really good.

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