Hiking Pee Cloths

It used to be awkward or uncomfortable for women to pee out in nature. Everything we’ve been doing “works,” but there’s a whole new world out there, thanks to hiking pee cloths.  It feels amazing to come home from a few hours in the wilderness, or a camping trip, feeling fresh and dry. #trailtoiletpaper


Pee Cloths for Women’s backpacking, hiking and camping pee cloths are the ONLY ONES you can buy that are made of  1) natural fibers and 2) upcycled fabrics. That makes them way better for the environment. Plus, they’re made in America, by people who are respected and making a living wage. Support a woman-owned small businesses. We ain’t no Amazon knockoff. — And they’re still a great price, too!

Pee Cloths for Women wilderness pee cloths are designed for functional, easy use by outdoor enthusiasts. One of these 5″x5″ cloths gets most ladies through a day. Rinse with water in the evening and hang to dry overnight. Ready to be used again the next day, or start with a freshie. Use a carabiner to hook it to your belt loop or the waist belt of your pack. Simple, hygienic and so much more comfortable.


NOTE:  The larger, Family set includes  its own cotton, mesh wash bag.



Our Backpacking, hiking and camping Cloths are yet another way that #WeThePeople are taking our power back from destructive industrial practices. Textile dye is the second largest polluter of water on the planet. And polyester/synthetic fabrics are environmentally polluting. As the first company to always and only use upcycled or deadstock fabrics, Pee Cloths for Women is proud to be an innovative contributor to the emerging circular economy. We repurpose fabric from unsold clothing and home linens into a new product, giving thousands of pounds of textiles new life and saving them from our overflowing landfills.

If you can’t already tell, Pee Cloths for Women is devoted to the world’s precious and beautiful ecosystems. Our founder lived in Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Northern California. She has hiked and camped in every western state – and the Himalayas, too.

Buy your set now. You’ll be increasing your stewardship of our clean water, air and soil in yet another way. Nature nurtures. – Let’s nurture her back!

Pee Cloths for Women’s wilderness pee cloths are made in America 🇺🇸  by a woman-owned company. Thank you for your support. #thislandisourland


2 reviews for Hiking Pee Cloths

  1. Kim

    I love them and they work beautifully. (and no, they don’t stink!)

  2. Tessa

    All our packs were lined up before we started a new day. And everyone had their Pee Cloths for Women hiking pee cloths on the side of their packs. I was so glad that I’d brought them as gifts for everyone on our girls’ trip. Everyone loved them.

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Color Scheme

Surprise Me!, Green, Grey, Blue, Red, Wilderness Plaid


Get Started: 1 Cloth, Personal: 3 Cloths, Family: 10 Cloths, Earth Advocate: 20 cloths