Gift Set pee cloths / 10 Pack Add-on

Introduce your friends to Pee Cloths for Women, a modern, vibrant bathroom linen.

Maybe your friend loves beauty, home decor and the hottest new design ideas.

Or maybe they love creating a natural, healthy home.

Or maybe they’re excited about a low-waste lifestyle.

Or maybe they love saving money.

For all these reasons and more, our eco-luxurious washable toilet paper is a meaningful, inspiring and creative gift.


Woman-owned and Made in America. NOTE:  Does not include cotton-mesh laundering bag that comes with the Daily Use Set and Bidet Cloths for Everyone.




The smartest fabrics you can buy.

PeeCloths.COM is the first toilet-linen company to always and only use upcycled/deadstock fabrics. Textile dye is the 2nd largest polluter of water IN THE WORLD. We aren’t willing to contribute to that. So we use fabric that already exists, has been discarded by the fashion or home-decor industries, and needs a home. We’re honored to be a visionary company and a driver of the circular economy.

Please share our name with all your eco-conscious friends. PeeCloths.COM is the prettiest, softest, smartest way to go.

6 reviews for Gift Set pee cloths / 10 Pack Add-on

  1. Beth

    I bought a trial pack at the Nederland Farmer’s market. Love using these!!! — Saving water as well as TP. We are in a drought here in Texas, so we are practicing Island-style water savings. I don’t need to flush every time, now that I’m not filling the toilet with TP!

  2. Stele

    Pee Cloths for Women and the bidet cloths are incredible. You’ve given me an Earthmas Present!

  3. Paulette

    I use Pee Cloths for Women. I also gave my daughters Gift Sets, and they were thrilled. My 8 year-old granddaughter was also very interested. 🙂 I’m going to get some more Gift Sets.

  4. Laine

    I have found it easy to transition. Sometimes I forget and tear off some TP but then just save it. I’ve liked how soft these are.

  5. Ela

    I got the Starter Set first. When I upgraded to the Daily Use Set, I realized how helpful the mesh laundering bag is that comes with that set.

  6. Rebecca B.

    It’s great to have a few extras! I’ll have my girls give them a try too!

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