Pee Cloths - Daily Use Set

These  decadently soft cloths are going to change your life. Women say they soon can’t remember wiping with paper.  (See the User Reviews tab below, in the carousel on the home page, and on Instagram.) The Pee Cloths for Women Daily Use Set is a quick, easy eco-switch! It’s 40 decorative cloths made of all-natural fibers and a cotton, mesh laundering bag (no polyester here, baby!).

This is about a week’s supply of cloths, and the bag to easily wash them in. For those who work from home, you may want to include the 10 Pack Add-on in your order.

Pee Cloths for Women washable toilet paper last several years. But they only cost about half what one person spends on TP in a year! So you’ll save hundreds of dollars — while you save the planet at the same time.

The colors and patterns are classy. Keep your pee cloths in a complementary basket either on the back of your toilet, or on a shelf or cupboard next to it. Pee Cloths for Women actually complement and enhance your decor. We all love beauty and self-expression. Be an eco-hero, too. Have it all, with our washable toilet paper! What’s the style of your bathroom? Elegant? Minimalist? Provincial? Urban and playful?

Keep TP on the roll for guests — and for those messier visits to the bathroom (unless you have a bidet seat, in which case our Bidet Cloths for Everyone are going to complete your routine).

Order right now, and start saving money.  — Your hooha never had it so good.™



Because we use textile waste from the fast-fashion industry, diverting thousands of pounds of material from our landfills, you can buy a new color for each season and every bathroom. You’re saving hundreds of dollars on toilet paper, while literally saving the planet at the same time. Elegant activism — making it easy to make a difference.

The color options are for color schemes. Embrace the mystery! We design every beautiful, fun set from salvaged fabrics, so we don’t know the exact pattern or color array you’ll get. The color option is for the anchor color, around which the kit is created. With Pee Cloths for Women, you’re reducing climate change right from your bathroom.

Tell us your style. It’ll be like Christmas morning!

NOTE:  Display baskets and used-cloth receptacles are not included. Sign up for our newsletter though, and be one of the first to know when we periodically release our completely upcycled Limited Edition Sets. Order now, you’re going to love them. You soon won’t be able to remember life before you had Pee Cloths for Women:

Photos are just examples. Patterns and color variations will occur.

16 reviews for Pee Cloths – Daily Use Set

  1. Patricia

    Doing my part for the environment never felt so good. This is something that everyone can do at home ALL THE TIME.

  2. Chris

    I think pee cloths by Pee Cloths for Women are phenomenal. It’s the most no-brainer, epic idea for this time on the planet!

    Sometimes the environment and economics are at odds. But Pee Cloths for Women is beneficial in both ways, to the planet and saving my family money.

  3. Pam

    It’s taken a little training myself. But I’m an eco-conscious person. Every day I feel guilty about plastic. All the plastic packaging. When I throw it away, it pains me. Pee Cloths for Women is something easy I can do to help the environment. I just throw them in with whatever I’m washing.

  4. LG

    The colors and patterns were perfect for my bathroom.

  5. Corin

    I’ve had my Daily Use Set for over a year. Making less and less waste in my life is a priority of mine. Yesterday I realized it’s been so long since I purchased TP! — I felt victorious.

  6. Rebecca B.

    I wasn’t sure how I’d like using these pee cloths…it’s a totally new concept for me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I like them and how well they work. I’m realizing how much toilet paper I’m saving and it’s wonderful!!! So glad I decided to give them a try! Great invention!

  7. Carol

    They’re so soft. When I use them, it’s the first thing that I think about. I’m being so kind to my body. I can’t imagine anyone using Pee Cloths for Women and not having this response. It’s a no-brainer for us women. It makes it feel like we’ve been using 2-ply cardboard all these years.

  8. Becca

    I love my Pee Cloths for Women even more than I imagined I would. So soft, and clean feeling!

  9. Courtney

    They’re absolutely gorgeous. It’s just a pleasure to reach for one every time, both the visual and the tactile experience.

  10. Sasha

    It’s hard to believe how soft they are. It’s hard to go back to using TP. I find myself contemplating buying a set for the office.

  11. Rochon

    Oh my gosh, this is so much better than TP.

  12. Arlene

    When I go to my son’s house, I have to use the TP and I think, “This doesn’t compare!”

  13. Mindy

    My petals have never been more pampered.

  14. KJ

    Pee Cloths for Women were easy to use from the moment they arrived. It is remarkable how much toilet paper and money are saved by using pee cloths!

  15. Deborah

    This is the ultimate. I absolutely love my Pee Cloths for Women. Using cloth instead of paper is so luxurious.

  16. Blanche

    I’ve been telling friends about my Pee Cloths for Women Daily Use Kit, because I like the money I’m saving. — And the positive environmental impacts, while pampering myself, too!

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