Bidet Cloths for Everyone

Each of our soft bidet cloths is just the right size to catch all droplets of water and leave your backside pristine. 

Product also includes a natural-fiber mesh bag for easy laundering.

 Choose a cloth color that’s distinct from your Pee Cloths for Women set, to keep them separate for their designated use.


Bidets are awesome. And now you can dry off in a soft, smooth swipe. Finally! You don’t have to fuss with TP anymore or wonder if it’s going to tear.


3 reviews for Bidet Cloths for Everyone

  1. Elizabeth

    Great Quality! Perfect for my recently installed bidet.

  2. Tessa

    I love my Bidet Cloths for Everyone! Surprisingly, it only took me a few days to start reaching for the cloths instead of paper.

  3. Mindy

    My Bidet Cloths for Everyone are soft and comforting, and easy to use. With them, I know I’m also doing good for the planet in many ways.

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Color Scheme

Turquoise, Navy, Green, Brown, Grey, Maroon, Rich plaid, Surprise Me!


10, 20, 30

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