Bidet Cloths for Everyone

Each of our soft bidet cloths is just the right size to catch all droplets of water and leave your backside pristine. They launder more thoroughly and are more hygienic than terry cloth wash cloths. They’re way softer than terry cloth. And they also use less water in the washing machine, making Bidet Cloths for Everyone the most pleasant, clean AND ecological choice you can make for your #bidetlife. (Plus, they’re made in America but a woman-owned small business! Thank you for your support)


This item includes a natural-fiber mesh bag for easy laundering. You may want to choose a cloth color that’s distinct from your Pee Cloths for Women set, to keep them separate for their designated use.


Bidets are awesome. And now you can dry off in a soft, smooth swipe. Finally! You don’t have to fuss with TP anymore and wonder if it’s going to tear.



Our color options are for color schemes. Photos are examples.

Because Pee Cloths for Women uses unsold fabric from the fast-fashion and home-decor industries, we never know what beautiful patterns and colors we’ll get next. But they’re guaranteed to be soft, natural fibers.

Enjoy a bit of surprise. Your flexibility is an easy, lovely gift you can give to the environment. With Pee Cloths for Women reusable toilet paper, you’re fighting climate change right from your bathroom.

5 reviews for Bidet Cloths for Everyone

  1. Vicki

    5″ cloths: I had first bought the 4″ pee cloths and found them to be too small. The company then gifted me the 5″ bidet cloths to try out, and I found them to be just the perfect size. They are absorbent, well constructed, fashionable colors, environmentally friendly, and now, just the right size. Consider buying the larger size from the Bidet Cloths page, they are much more functional for me than the 4″ size. Maybe for you too!

  2. Paul

    These are awesome. Really fantastic. I grew up in South Africa, so I see the value of your upcycled bidet cloths.

  3. Elizabeth

    Great Quality! Perfect for my recently installed bidet.

  4. Tessa

    I love my Bidet Cloths for Everyone! Surprisingly, it only took me a few days to start reaching for the cloths instead of paper.

  5. Mindy

    My Bidet Cloths for Everyone are soft and comforting, and easy to use. With them, I know I’m also doing good for the planet in many ways.

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