Where do I put my Pee Cloths for Women?

You’ll keep your new Pee Cloths washable toilet linens in an attractive display basket that’s easy to reach. Most women put the basket on the back of the toilet. Others put it in/on their vanity, or on a little stool next to the toilet.  

Match the basket to your style. Put your clean cloths in a container that’s modern and sleek, elegant or traditional, playful or minimalist. Complement your decor with the latest bathroom linen!

For the used cloths, you’ll keep a canister on the floor next to the toilet. There’s no odor! Urine is mostly water and dries quickly. Take a peek at World Market, Khol’s, Bloomingdales or Target to pick two complementary containers.   

How do I wash my Pee Cloths?

Easy. Orders of 40+ Pee Cloths and 20+ Bidet Cloths come with a cotton, mesh bag for laundering your Pee Cloths and  Bidet Cloths. Just empty your used-cloth canister into the mesh bag and wash them on laundry day. If you like to wash your intimates separately, add them to that load. 

Save hundreds of dollars using Pee Cloths for Women

How do your upcycled Pee Cloths save money?

Research shows that, in 2020 Americans were spending almost $200/year on TP! (Whoa. No one ads it up.) And it’s for sure gone up since then.

The original versions of Pee Cloths washable toilet linens lasted four years. You save more than $500 – just on your first set – ’cause you hardly ever buy toilet paper after that. (Just for #2, which isn’t nearly as often as we pee!)

What kind of people use Pee Cloths for Women and Bidet Cloths for Everyone?

These are the latest natural product for people with a healthy lifestyle. Our customers include respected business leaders;  homeowners who want a set in all four bathrooms;  some of the thousands of Americans adding bidet seats to their homes;  adventurous couples seeing the country by RV;  tiny home owners;  and outdoor athletes.  A Congresswoman and a Mayor have gone cloth with us too. They’re devoted to PeeCloths.COM because of our national leadership using upcycled fabrics.

natural product for people with a healthy lifestyle!
Save water using Pee Cloths for Women

How are they better for the environment?

It takes about 4 gallons of water a day to manufacture the toilet paper that the average person uses in a day. That’s almost 1,500 gallons of water a year, per person. It doesn’t take near that much water to launder your Pee Cloths for Women and Bidet Cloths for Everyone reusable toilet paper. 

Also, it takes 10,000 pounds of chemicals to convert 50 tons of trees into soft-ish paper. Those chemicals go into our soil, waterways and air. Re-use is the solution!

How can Pee Cloths for Women not smell??

Some people are surprised that there’s really not much liquid on them, after we use them. The same is true for our Bidet Cloths for Everyone. 

You’ll toss them in a receptacle that you keep by the toilet. We suggest stainless steel or glass, but customers have told us they use wicker and wood baskets too. The previous cloth is often dry the next time we use the bathroom. The dry cloths produce no odor over the course of a week, and have no odor when you put them in the wash!

Dry cloths produce no odor over the course of a week
Are these clean - FAQs

Is this clean?

Pee is mostly water, and bacteria is minimal in healthy urine. In an article that Dr. Debra Sullivan wrote for Healthline, she reminds us that when do commonplace things like spend a day at the beach or exercise out of doors, we come in contact with lots of stuff that’s dirtier than urine.

Pee Cloths for Women reusable toilet paper are like our underwear — which we wash and reuse all the time.

What are your bidet cloths, camping/hiking cloths, and pee cloths made of?

Our whole product line is made of all-natural fibers, generally 95-100% cotton. Our fabrics are picked especially for their softness and beauty. There are two layers of fabric for just the right amount of absorption.