About Pee Cloths for Women

Our products complement and enhance your decor. They are the latest natural product for your healthy lifestyle. — Another beautiful linen for the bathroom. 

We’re all about the luxury!

Pee Cloths for Women’s hallmark — what sets it apart from any other company in this space — is its commitment to the softest upcycled fabrics. Our full product line is saving thousands of pounds of textiles from landfills!

Our green operations include:

  • sustainable, minimalist packaging,
  • using nontoxic and natural products
    throughout our offices and operations,
  • and on-site composting.

Our Mission

To provide products that consumers love and to produce them in such a way that we’re addressing other global, social needs in the process.

To be a company of happy, healthy, genuinely inspired individuals. And to take these home to our families.

To contribute measurably to the wellbeing of our local communities, country and world.

To do business in such a way that we also inspire these values in our customers and suppliers.

Natural and Sustainable products that save water

With your Pee Cloths for WomenBidet Cloths for Everyone or  Camping Cloths, you’re reinforcing your values in the world. Together we’re multiplying our positive impact on social issues that have been waiting for our empowered and creative attention. 

We encourage people to buy fewer things, to buy the best, and to recognize that quality craftsmanship has a magic touch: it turns mundane products into a daily source of inspiration, gratitude and satisfaction.

Pee Cloths for Women is:

    • Woman-owned and Operated
    • Made in America
    • Environmentally Responsible
    • Paying Diverse American Workers a Living Wage

About our Founder

Pee Cloths for Women’s founder was raised in the South. A ballet dancer from the age of 5, she also went to charm school as part of her early training. Her family traveled overseas regularly and actively supported the arts. To this day, she’s a lover of theater, the symphony and botanical gardens — as well as independent artists in all media.

Her commitment to simple, understated elegance is matched by years of appreciation for our national park system. After all, the majesty of our forests, rivers, canyons and deserts was an original source of inspiration for artists throughout history!

She encourages all of us to understand the power that we have as consumers. All of us can make our product choices in ways that  support the  wellbeing of billions of people and animals around the world.

Pee Cloths for Women - Sustainable products and shopping
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“Our happiness
is directly proportional
to how closely we live to our values.”

— Founder, Pee Cloths for Women

As our founder learned more about environmental losses and global human rights issues over the years, she felt an intuitive desire to buy products that actively respect and protect people and the planet. Excellent resources like the interesting, animated video The Story of Stuff and the innovative, inspiring book Cradle to Cradle engaged both her logical mind and her solutionary thinking.

She got the idea for Pee Cloths for Women in college, but recently their relevance has grown dramatically. Consumers are always looking for luxury, but at the same time, each year we’re responding to more natural disasters  (some of them causing regular toilet paper shortages). We’ve come to understand the destructive, environmental effects of one-use, disposable products.

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