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The latest natural product for your healthy lifestyle.

Pee Cloths for Women are luxury, beauty, and environmental consciousness all rolled into one. Plus, you save hundreds of dollars on toilet paper!

No odor

Gorgeous & fun


Luxurious & soft

Cheaper than toilet paper

 Environmentally responsible

Use Them Every Day - Pee Cloths for Women

Use Them Everyday

How It Works

  1. Wipe with a cloth (just when you pee).
  2. Toss the cloth in an attractive canister on the floor.
  3. On laundry day, empty the canister into the mesh bag that comes with your order. Wash with your other intimates.
  4. Put clean cloths back in the bathroom, in a basket on the back of your toilet or on your vanity.

Affordable luxury that also empowers the conscious consumer:

Made in America
Woman-Owned Company
All-natural Fibers
Upcycled Textiles

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Baby on the Way - Pee Cloths for Women

Baby on the Way?

RV Owner - Pee Cloths for Women

RV/Tiny Home Owner?

Have a Bidet - Pee Cloths for Women

Have a Bidet?